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Toward Net Neutrality in the Arab Region: What VPNs Can Offer?

This Essay explores the concept, implementation, risks and benfits of Net Neutrality through the use of VPNs in the Arab World.

Mass Surveillance and Internet Censorship Under Scrutiny

An exploration of the public opinions scrutiny surrounding mass surveillance of digital content and internet censorship as a means of national security

The Epistemic Exhaustion of the Anti-Imperialist Ideology in the Contemporary Iran

The intention of this paper is to pin-point how anti-imperialism, in Iran, from a hegemonic ideology among the opponents of the monarchy became the main obstacle for socio-economic development of the country.

Reading the Analyses of the Deal

Analysis of the mainstream mass-media narrative on Iranian Nuclear Deal.

(Economic) Ignorance is Bliss: Stability vs. Growth in the Arab Spring

Based on the discussion between Prof. Makdisi and Prof. Aarts, at the Spring To Come Conference in Amsterdam, this article sums up the most relevant issues taken into consideration by both the scholars.

The Evolution of Coptic Activism in Egypt Since 2011: A Study of the Maspero Youth Union

The MYU sprang out of injustice and discrimination against the Coptic minority, and was created with the long-term goal of creating a civil state that will respect the rights of all minorities. In over five years of existence, it has been successful in raising awareness among the Copts about their rights and through this their violation, increasing Coptic political participation, and functioning as a pressure group for the adoption of laws in the constitution.

Interview II Artist: Tammam Azzam

Interview III of the Life, Death, and Art in Syria Project: Tammam Azzam.