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Mass Surveillance and Internet Censorship Under Scrutiny

An exploration of the public opinions scrutiny surrounding mass surveillance of digital content and internet censorship as a means of national security

Essay Contest: Cyber Security and Online Citizenship in MENA

Fanack Academy’s Fall 2016 Essay Contest on Digital Security and Online Citizenship in the MENA region.

Does State Always Precede Nation in the Middle East and North Africa?: Case Studies of Turkey and Israel

Mike Cesnak, university of Exeter: This essay aims to highlight the evidence concerning the creation of Israel and Turkey.

(Economic) Ignorance is Bliss: Stability vs. Growth in the Arab Spring

Based on the discussion between Prof. Makdisi and Prof. Aarts, at the Spring To Come Conference in Amsterdam, this article sums up the most relevant issues taken into consideration by both the scholars.

Featured Debate:Football, Migrant Exploitation, and the Kafala System in the Gulf

The World Cup, arguably the most prestigious sporting event in the world, will occur in Qatar in 2022. But football is the last thing on the minds of those critical of the choice of venue. The problem of migrant working conditions has been plaguing not only Qatar, but the MENA region as a whole. Domestic […]