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Toward Net Neutrality in the Arab Region: What VPNs Can Offer?

This Essay explores the concept, implementation, risks and benfits of Net Neutrality through the use of VPNs in the Arab World.

Mass Surveillance and Internet Censorship Under Scrutiny

An exploration of the public opinions scrutiny surrounding mass surveillance of digital content and internet censorship as a means of national security

Islamic Art and the Museum – The construction and problematic use of the Islamic art discourse within museums

The study of Islamic art and architecture is a relatively new field in history of art, and was constructed and forged at the end of the nineteenth century by European scholars after interest in the field started to rise . During that same time, the first museums started to create separate spaces or departments for artifacts now known as Islamic art.

Essay Contest: Cyber Security and Online Citizenship in MENA

Fanack Academy’s Fall 2016 Essay Contest on Digital Security and Online Citizenship in the MENA region.

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Jordan River Valley: the Case of the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco-Park

The topic of this thesis, titled Adaptation to Climate Change in the Jordan River Valley: the Case of the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco-Park, is to examine possible solutions of development projects to help the Jordan River Valley to adapt to the impacts that climate change will have in particular to the natural resources in the valley.

Interview II Artist: Tammam Azzam

Interview III of the Life, Death, and Art in Syria Project: Tammam Azzam.

Featured Debate:Religion, Sex and Politics… Can They Ever Be Funny in MENA Media?

There are three subjects not to be casually discussed on Middle Eastern and North African television, radio, website, or internet platform:Religion, sex, and politics. The topics  are often seen as the triumvirate of taboo subjects to speak lightly or humorously about, but could this ever change? ‘Saturday Night Live’ hit the airwaves within the Middle East […]