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Unauthorized, Unorganized: A Study of Unauthorized West Bank Palestinian Workers in Israel

This research paper aims to contribute to the currently limited academic understanding of the factors that keep unauthorized workers from unionizing. To that end, it studies the case of unauthorized Palestinian workers from the West Bank who are working in Israel.

Does State Always Precede Nation in the Middle East and North Africa?: Case Studies of Turkey and Israel

Mike Cesnak, university of Exeter: This essay aims to highlight the evidence concerning the creation of Israel and Turkey.

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Jordan River Valley: the Case of the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco-Park

The topic of this thesis, titled Adaptation to Climate Change in the Jordan River Valley: the Case of the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco-Park, is to examine possible solutions of development projects to help the Jordan River Valley to adapt to the impacts that climate change will have in particular to the natural resources in the valley.

Institutional Isomorphism between Lebanon and Europe – Myth or Reality of a Legal alignment?

This research aims at fostering the reflection of the degree of legal alignment between the traditions of the European Union and Lebanon, partner state of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and Member State of the Union for the Mediterranean. It purports to examine how recent legislative changes have occurred in Lebanon.

Interview II Artist: Tammam Azzam

Interview III of the Life, Death, and Art in Syria Project: Tammam Azzam.

Life, Death and Art in Syria

Life Death and Art is Syria aims to highlight this reclamation of individual agency with the refocusing on the realities of the five artists, their community and their particular perception of the Syrian experience.

Do the Arab States really want to fight Israel?

    The eternal struggle between the Arab States and Israel is heading into a new stage, especially now that unexpected Arab countries have opened a new line of communication with Israel. This is illustrated by countries like UAE, where there is a change of governmental speech (which was perpetuating the idea of an Arab […]