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Unauthorized, Unorganized: A Study of Unauthorized West Bank Palestinian Workers in Israel

This research paper aims to contribute to the currently limited academic understanding of the factors that keep unauthorized workers from unionizing. To that end, it studies the case of unauthorized Palestinian workers from the West Bank who are working in Israel.

The Evolution of Coptic Activism in Egypt Since 2011: A Study of the Maspero Youth Union

The MYU sprang out of injustice and discrimination against the Coptic minority, and was created with the long-term goal of creating a civil state that will respect the rights of all minorities. In over five years of existence, it has been successful in raising awareness among the Copts about their rights and through this their violation, increasing Coptic political participation, and functioning as a pressure group for the adoption of laws in the constitution.

Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt: Causes and Policies of Prevention

The epidemic level of Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt is attributable to a multitude of cultural, legal, and political factors. There has been increasing pressure from the international community on Egypt to eradicate this practice, as both US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have both separately and repeatedly called for an end to the practice.

Featured Debate:Religion, Sex and Politics… Can They Ever Be Funny in MENA Media?

There are three subjects not to be casually discussed on Middle Eastern and North African television, radio, website, or internet platform:Religion, sex, and politics. The topics  are often seen as the triumvirate of taboo subjects to speak lightly or humorously about, but could this ever change? ‘Saturday Night Live’ hit the airwaves within the Middle East […]

Featured Debate:Football, Migrant Exploitation, and the Kafala System in the Gulf

The World Cup, arguably the most prestigious sporting event in the world, will occur in Qatar in 2022. But football is the last thing on the minds of those critical of the choice of venue. The problem of migrant working conditions has been plaguing not only Qatar, but the MENA region as a whole. Domestic […]