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Unauthorized, Unorganized: A Study of Unauthorized West Bank Palestinian Workers in Israel

This research paper aims to contribute to the currently limited academic understanding of the factors that keep unauthorized workers from unionizing. To that end, it studies the case of unauthorized Palestinian workers from the West Bank who are working in Israel.

The Epistemic Exhaustion of the Anti-Imperialist Ideology in the Contemporary Iran

The intention of this paper is to pin-point how anti-imperialism, in Iran, from a hegemonic ideology among the opponents of the monarchy became the main obstacle for socio-economic development of the country.

Institutional Isomorphism between Lebanon and Europe – Myth or Reality of a Legal alignment?

This research aims at fostering the reflection of the degree of legal alignment between the traditions of the European Union and Lebanon, partner state of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and Member State of the Union for the Mediterranean. It purports to examine how recent legislative changes have occurred in Lebanon.

Featured Debate:Football, Migrant Exploitation, and the Kafala System in the Gulf

The World Cup, arguably the most prestigious sporting event in the world, will occur in Qatar in 2022. But football is the last thing on the minds of those critical of the choice of venue. The problem of migrant working conditions has been plaguing not only Qatar, but the MENA region as a whole. Domestic […]