About Fanack’s Academy

Knowledge and understanding is key to creating a more peaceful world

FANACK Academy Team
Fanack Academy offers a platform for open-access, unbiased information sharing and co-creation, in relation to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Our aim is to provide an academic level of discussion taking place simultaneously across the world, creating a genuinely pluralistic conversation platform which will be published in Arabic and English. Our platform offers three main instruments to achieve our aims:

Papers: Hosting and collecting academic papers submitted by users, whilst also connecting them to experts on the subject for peer-review and feedback.

Projects: Developing and coordinating highly-specialized academic research projects, showcasing projects in collaboration with various users, partners, and institutions as well as exhibiting products developed by our partners as a means of gaining exposure and future collaboration from our community.

Resources: Generating easy-to-use educational tools such as infographics, quizzes, country specific analysis and datasets.

We here at Fanack believe that knowledge and understanding is key to creating a more peaceful world. We aim to assist out audience grow their knowledge page by:

Connect students, experts, institutions, businesses, and activists together in order to share their work and gain recognition, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and foster new networks and projects, across the MENA region.

Collect and showcase academic research, data, partnerships and information regarding the MENA region. These are developed by our partners and community of users, as well as Fanack Academy itself, in a multi-lingual, user-friendly and easily to access manner.

Create learning resources for students and teachers to be able to gain and pass on knowledge via Fanack Academy’s videos, infographics, quizzes, and dossiers.

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Bringing together people and organizations across languages and borders to connect, collaborate and create academic content and share knowledge about the Middle East and North Africa.